Featuring an excerpt from Amy Hoff's Caledonia

Table of Contents:

  • Caledonia Excerpt
    Amy Hoff
  • This Dreamy Girl
    Penny Gotch
  • Girl in Sheep's Clothing
    Cindy E. King
  • Love Wins
    Tim Patten
  • Spectral Lover
    Jan Steckel
  • Just a One-Night Muffin
    Jeff Golomb
  • Autism on the Rise
    David Rubin
  • Too Dark Girl
    Bisola Sosan
  • Lost and Found
    Val Prozorova
  • P is for Pillow
    Tembe Denton-Hurst
  • Mr. Chinese Right
    Cathy Adams
  • Diamonds in the Dust
    Himanshu Goel
  • Digits
    Embe Charentier
  • Check One
  • Holy Mystery
    Kari Castor
  • Divination
    Jacob Budenz
  • Flowery End
    Aria Mars
  • Somewhere Far From Here
    Carla E. Dash
  • Self Portrait as the Golden Calf
    David-Glen Smith
  • Peau de Soie and Prejudice
    Mosetta M. Penick Phillips-Cermak
  • Soft Mad Children
    Alex Vigue
  • Papery Boat Sails Elsewhere
    Steven Leonardo Clifford 
  • We Started Hanging Out Again But Only on Rope from Trees
  • Habits
    Josh Sczykutowicz
  • Blood
    Daniel Na
  • About Me
    John Lerry Marin
  • Mombi Will Go to Prison Today
    Sea Sharp
  • Mourning Star
    Raphael Morris
  • Desert Story
    Robin Wyatt Dunn
  • Destruction
    J. Lee Ellorris
  • Telephone
    Les Bohem