polychrome ink volume IIS

Featuring poetry by Jan Steckel

Table of contents:

  • Everything I Need
    Kara Kahnke
  • The Weirdest Man I Ever Loved
    Jan Steckel
  • Notes on Binary Gender
    Lara Lillibridge
  • Matryoshka
    Elizabeth Breder
  • You Never Give Me Your Money
    David Perlmutter
  • The Problem with Time Travelers
  • Crystal Donut World
    Brett Petersen
  • The Crackerjack Kid
    Sea Sharp
  • Tic(k)
    Tiffani Lewis-Lockhart
  • The Bird Cage
    Angie Fuentes
  • Eyes Nose Teeth
    Jessica Silbaugh-Cowdin
  • Red Fox Motioning Between Cypress Trees: A Fable
    David-Glen Smith
  • Vaporous
    Mel Paisley