Polychrome Ink Volume III 


Table of Contents:

  • Lush Life
    Tinka Harvard
  • Don't Call Me Baby
    Eli Tamondong
  • Billy's Money
    Lynsey Calderwood
  • Punchline
    J.M. Ellison
  • Being Loved and Being Sad
    AJ Jennings
  • Charlie Parker's Remains
    Issac Mason
  • The Last Performance
    Aaron Chan
  • The Sin Eater
    Jayy Dodd
  • Usefulness
    Val Prozorova
  • When In Time
    Samir Rawas Sarayji
  • Terminology
    Benjamin D. Klas
  • All Talk of Common Sense
    Bogi Takacs
  • Anthroposcopy
    Tanis Franco
  • Very Other Worlds
    Edward Palumbo
  • The Occupation Will Not Be Fictionalized
    Cheryl Wollner 
  • Pack One, Sir?
    Moshe Prigan
  • Calcification
    Mel Paisley
  • When You Tell Me I Am Stardust
    M. Regan
  • A Few Quiet Whimpers
    Eric Blair
  • Being Muslim
    Zara Raheem
  • Definition of Dreams
    Amber Renee
  • Tiresias
    Drew Kiser
  • Last Call Bar
    Tyler Erlendson