Trigger Warnings

When submitting, you must include a clearly marked Trigger Warning before the work itself, when applicable. Failure to do so will result in an immediate pass. It would be a shame to discard a brilliant submission because it triggered a staff member while reviewing it. Difficult or triggering subject matter is acceptable, being caught off guard is not. We also feature these trigger warnings within the magazine, when necessary, to ensure we do not trigger our readers unexpectedly.

This is not a PG-13 publication. We do not turn away anything for having triggers. And we do not post warnings for the following:

  • profane language
  • sexually explicit content
  • horror
  • offensive language and derogatory terms when presented creatively, artistically, and responsibly

The following triggers require a warning if your writing includes them. Any other triggers are to be added at your discretion. 

  • Abortion
  • Abuse: Physical
  • Abuse: Emotional
  • Abuse: Sexual
  • Abuse: Animal
  • Racism
  • Self-Harm: General
  • Self-Harm: Cutting
  • Self-Harm: Eating Disorder
  • Self-Harm: Suicide
  • Violence: General
  • Violence: Gore
  • Violence: Descriptive Hate Crime
  • Violence: Mutilation