Polychrome Ink is a literary magazine devoted to celebrating diversity in literature 


About Polychrome Ink

A vast portion of society is excluded from the entertainment we consume daily. We live in a largely phobic world; where the basis of decisions—from who to elect into government positions and what laws to approve, down to what actors to hire and books to publish—are chosen, in part, by people whose beliefs belong to a series of -ists and phobias. Talent becomes less important next to cultural background, sexual preference, gender identity, and mental and/or physical ableness. We end up with the main perspective belonging to White-Cis-Neurotypical-Abled-Heterosexual America, despite the spectrum of people that make up the world.

Here at Polychrome Ink, we believe that your cultural identity, who you're attracted to, how you feel about your gender, your neurological configuration, and your physical ability are important factors. We seek to bring under-represented voices and narratives into the public eye by focusing on authors and poets who do not embody the majority of the publishing industry. In doing so, we hope to normalize diversity, rather than allowing it to remain marginalized.

The Polychrome Ink Literary Magazine will feature a collection of poems, short stories, short non-fiction, and essays from writers via submissions, whose work—or they themselves—affirm our guidelines. Presently the magazine is published bi-annually.