Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I’m [xyz] but my piece isn’t about that, can I still submit?
    Of course. Your diversity qualifies you to be included. We are looking for both diverse themes and diverse authors.

  2. Who should I submit to?
    Any editor you feel your work would resonate with, any editor you feel comfortable submitting to, or any editor whose name you simply like. If you really can't choose, we have a catch-all email for you to submit to listed on the How to Submit page.

  3. I’m worried about being judged based on my diversity rather than my talent.
    We ask for your diversity to be able to gauge authenticity. But we accept only the best of what we receive to be published. We are absolutely looking at talent first and foremost. 

  4. Will you display my legal name anywhere if I use a pen name?
    We respect the privacy and personal choices of our authors to the fullest. When a submission is accepted for Polychrome Ink, we require the writer's legal given name for contract and payment purposes. This information does not go beyond our Executive Editor, our Marketing & Finance Manager, and our Associate Editor. There is no requirement for any of our authors to share any information with the public that they are uncomfortable sharing. 

  5. Will you publish the diversity information I send with my submission?
    Again, we respect the privacy of our authors. We only ask for the diversity points to gauge authenticity and to make sure we are including an array of diverse authors. If accepted for publication, we will ask you to provide a third person bio and this is the only information we will publish.

  6. I’m white/straight, does this mean I can’t submit?
    If you meet any of the other markers of diversity we have listed on the Guidelines page, or your submission features diversity, we would love to read your work. However, it should be said, anyone at all is welcome to submit, if you or your submission are not a fit for Polychrome Ink, the worst case scenario is a rejection letter.

  7. I’m from [location], can I submit?
    As long as you can legally sign a contract, you may submit to us. 

  8. What is the response time for submissions?
    We are currently switching to rolling submissions, we plan to respond to people within three months. Please check the Volume Openings/Closings page for when we last send out responses.

  9. Can I resubmit something that was rejected?
    Unless we requested it be revised and resubmitted, no. But we highly encourage you to submit something new.