About Editorial Teams


Our editorial process is as follows:

When a submission is received, the author bio and synopsis are read to find the breakdown of theme, topic, genre, and diversity points. 

Submissions sent directly to an editor, as opposed to the general submission email, are reviewed by that editor, and both the Executive and Associate editor, before moving forward.

The submission is then placed into one or more editorial teams on our project management site—based on the aforementioned elements. 

We receive a fantasy short story submission from an author who is Chinese, with a bisexual character. The submission would be placed in the following teams:

The editors on the above teams will then read and weigh in on the submission, looking for:

  • Grammar
  • Storytelling
  • Flow
  • Plot
  • Information
  • Voice
  • Authenticity
  • Accuracy
  • Enjoyment

When there is crossover and an editor is on multiple teams, they will reply in whichever team they see fit, but with all diversity points and/or pertinent teams in mind.

Michaela is on all three of the above teams (Bisexual Theams, Asian Themes, and Fantasy), she would reply keeping in mind the focus of each team.

The editors in all applicable teams discuss the submissions in a forum type setting, as a way to sort out which we think should be considered. 

Those that receive a favorable response in their respective teams are then placed into a To-Be-Considered team. Here, all editors on staff are given a chance to read the work and give their opinion before final decisions are made.

Once we have covered all possible angles, the Executive and Associate Editors narrow down submissions to find those that compliment each other, in order to make a cohesive volume.


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